Love it or hate it socially, Facebook is a cash cow. This advertising platform knows everything about all of us.

All your likes, all your shares, all the ages of your children. If you have a dog, a cat, a bird, a rabbit, Facebook knows. How much you earn, your profession, what car you drive, where you live, where you holiday, what food you like eating, Facebook knows..

Every action you take on Facebook and indeed after you’ve left Facebook is very carefully collated and categorized.

Imagine if you knew exactly where all the dog loving, christians, who listen to David Bowie, grew up in the eighties, married, were female with three teenage children hung out? Well..Facebook does!

Can you imagine the potential if you knew exactly where your potential customers were, at any given time of day, what they purchased in the past and how much they paid for it?

It’s insane what Facebook knows about it’s users.’s absolutely crazy the power Facebook has when it comes to marketing.  At Converse Marketing We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising and will continue to do so because it works!

Now..Facebook advertising still isn’t as targeted as Google Adwords or Bing.

When you’re using a search engine and your typing “Plumber in Manchester”, you have a very real intent for a plumber in Manchester. Because of this reason, those on Facebook aren’t considered to be in buying mode. Unlike Google where the intent is already engaged. They need a plumber and they need it now and they’re ready to pay for one. However the game is changing and Facebook users social habits are changing. More and more purchases are being made across this platform. Which makes more and more data being collated by the geeky Facebook guys. This of course is fabulous news for us, more importantly you. Facebook users are in a buying frenzy right now. Some of their users are using it as search tool to buy products. YOUR Products!

Facebook is a buyers market and if you’re not utilizing it’s platform as part of your marketing strategy you’re making a huge mistake.
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