The #1 Reason People Don’t Buy From You

…and what you can do to fix it

Dear Friend,

Stop leaving money on the table.

Your business’ reputation online, is the only thing that matters nowadays.

Whether it’s to get initial customers or repeat customers…

you need to have a presence online that SHOWS your audience how great you are, how amazing your product or service is, and how you aim to over deliver compared to your competitor.

You see, my friend Jason owns a pizza shop in downtown Miami and he LOVES what he does.

In fact, some would say, he loves making pizza for customers, more than he loves being with his family!

Great for the customers…

Not so great for the family

Anyway, Jason went online and googled his pizzeria to see what would “pop up.”

Since he treated everyone with respect and care, he assumed anything that “popped up” would be positive.

But then it happened.

When he typed his name in the almighty Google search, he had 1 TERRIBLE review…

From an OLD customer, that was ranking on the FRONT PAGE of Google for his business.

As you can imagine, Jason lost it!

He couldn’t understand why he had such a negative review… but then it got worse

He looked at all of the comments and read over 150 different reviews of people arguing over his food being “too burnt” or having people say mean things like…

“That greasy looking kid at the front should take a shower and learn some manners!”

These comments went from bad, to some good, to downright dirty.

In fact, a lot of the comments were reaching out for the owner to do something

Jason had no idea there was an entire community of people online who reviewed businesses and either sold people on trying a certain restaurant…

Or repelled them from EVER visiting.

Fortunately, Jason found these reviews “in the nick of time” – and quickly applied a few simple tactics to his business and within just 2 short months…

He had an ARMY of followers cheering his name and raving about his pizza.

Here’s what this is all about:

My name is John Kennedy and I help businesses just like yours manage their presence online, their reviews and help them attract more new customers to their business to increase their bottom line profit.

If that sounds like something that might interest you, then I would like to schedule 10 REAL minutes with you on the phone where I will go over:

  • How I will manage your online presence and exactly what I will do to help you
  • How I will increase your current customer base and how I will retain the current customers you have so they continue to buy from you over and over again
  • How soon you can expect to see results and start seeing an increase in revenue

I only have 7 more availabilities on my client list and I would love for YOU to be my next client.

I promise not to waste even a second of your time on our 10 minute call.

Time is the only thing you can never get back:

And most people never take enough action to get anywhere in life.

If for some reason I am completely booked up by the time you call, I will still give you actionable advice on what you can do for your online reputation and how you can turbo charge the amount of traffic to your business.

Opportunities don’t come often and you need to sink your teeth into them when they do.

I can’t wait to get started with you!

If you are currently experiencing bad feedback online and want to do something about it, then make sure you call us IMMEDIATELY so we can fix it.

One bad review and one mistake, could cost you tons of customers and cause you to leave a lot of money on the table.

I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen

Let’s get started NOW!


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